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CALL NOW   :   +91 83201 67484
WHATSAPP   :   (+91 83201 67484)
Availability   :   In Stock
Eligible Region   :   India
Brand   :   Kamal Shaft
Material   :   EN-8(D)/ EN-9 / EN-19 / EN-31
Std Size   :   10mm to 100mm, Above 100mm
Std Length   :   Cut to Customer Length Up to 7000mm
Payment Methods   :   Cash, Cheque, UPI,  Bank Transfer
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L M Shaft Supplier in Howrah


Regarding induction- Harden chrome rods, Kamal Shaft Pvt. Ltd. carefully abides by industry requirements of quality. The individual needs and requirements are taken into consideration when providing the rods. Induction hardening must be done properly in order to maintain the underlying material's original qualities.

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