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Eligible Region   :   India
Brand   :   Kamal Shaft
Material   :   Steel
Steel Grade   :   ST52
Unit Pipe Length   :   3 meter, 6 meter, 9 meter, 18 meter, Customized
Payment Methods   :   Cash, Cheque, UPI,  Bank Transfer
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Honed Tube Supplier in Jodhpur


Honed tubes, sometimes referred to as hydraulic cylinder tubes, are one of the most crucial materials used to build hydraulic cylinders. The ready-to-be-sharpened tubes normally have these types of tubes' internal diameters honed. A method for enhancing the geometric form of a surface is honing.

Kamal Shaft Pvt. Ltd. is a leading supplier of sharpened tubes at a very competitive price. Every sharpened tube we have on hand is also quality-guaranteed and expected to fit a range of applications precisely, delivering complete client satisfaction.

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