Honed Cylinder Tube Manufacturer in Kolkata

Honed Cylinder Tube Manufacturer & Supplier in Kolkata
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Eligible Region   :   India
Brand   :   Kamal Shaft
Material   :   Mild Steel
Grade   :   ST-52
Usage/Application   :   Industrial
Payment Methods   :   Cash, Cheque, UPI,  Bank Transfer
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Honed Cylinder Tube Supplier in Kolkata


We have a durable selection of sharpened tubes for pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders in stock for our customers. Hone tubes are available in our ready stock in sizes ranging from 32 mm to 150 mm and up to 7000 mm in length. Our selection, which is produced from premium seamless pipe, is used in a variety of equipment sectors, including earth-moving machines.

Our wide selection of hydraulic cylinders and other industrial supplies is very useful for a variety of machinery and industries.

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