Hard Chrome Plated Rod Manufacturer in Indore

Hard Chrome Plated Rod Manufacturer & Supplier in Indore
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Eligible Region   :   India
Brand   :   Kamal Shaft
Usage   :   Manufacturing, hydraulic cylinder manufacturing
Material   :   CK45/EN8
Dimension   :   3mm to 500mm
Payment Methods   :   Cash, Cheque, UPI,  Bank Transfer
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Hard Chrome Plated Rod Supplier in Indore


High-quality chrome-plated rods are offered for sale by Kamal Shaft Pvt. Ltd. and are perfect for a number of applications. We offer a broad selection of chrome-plated rods that are simple to use and can readily meet the demands of diverse industries. Our products are of the finest quality, which ensures complete client satisfaction when used.

The aesthetic finish on our hard chrome plated rods is without a doubt one of the main reasons customers choose our goods. Each chrome-plated rod that we supply is uniquely designed to meet the specifications or uses for piston rod material in pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders, as well as a number of other equivalent applications.

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