Chrome Plated Piston Rod Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

Chrome Plated Piston Rod Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

Hard Chrome Plated Rod Supplier in India

Kamal Shaft Pvt Ltd Kamal Shaft Pvt Ltd is a leading supplier of chrome-plated piston rods in India. We offer high-quality products at affordable prices and make sure that every customer is satisfied with our services.

Our company has been supplying high-quality chrome plated piston rod for many years and we have gained much experience in producing these parts. We supply this product to many industries such as auto equipment, textile machinery, household appliances, etc.

We are one of the best piston rod manufacturers & suppliers in India. Our products are well known in the market for their perfect finishing, smooth surface, and excellent durability.

What is Chrome Plated Piston Rod?

Chrome-plated piston rods are specifically designed to stand the harsh working conditions of a manual transmission. The chrome-plated piston rod is a smart solution to the most common problem in engines: corrosion. It is built of high-quality, long-lasting materials and has a surface finish that resists wear and corrosion. The chrome-plating process adds an additional layer of protection against corrosion and pitting also while enhancing the durability of the rod.

What is the cost of a Hard Chrome Plated Piston Rod?

The cost of a hard chrome-plated piston rod will depend on the size and quantity. The price may vary according to the type of finish required, as well as the level of chrome plating. The cost of hard chrome plated piston rod is around Rs. 10000.

Hard Chrome Plated Piston Rod Features: -

High wear resistance: The cost of hard chrome plating per square inch depends on factors like the surface area and hardness of your workpiece. The most common way to calculate is by multiplying the size you need by the thickness of chrome applied per square inch.

Corrosion resistance: Hard chrome-plated piston rods are highly resistant to corrosion.

Usage :-

  • Hydraulic or Pneumatic Piston
  • Components of textiles
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Automobile & Industrial Components
  • Pumps Shafts & Rotors
  • Plastic and rubber rolls, molds, dies, screws, and more

Why Choose Kamal Shaft Pvt Ltd for Hard Chrome Plated Piston Rod?

Kamal Shaft Pvt Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Hard Chrome Plated Piston Rod. We have been in this industry for a long and have an experience of more than 10 Years. Our product range is the best quality, reliable, affordable, and safer as it undergoes rigorous tests to ensure safety during transportation and installation.

About Us:

Kamal Shaft Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Hard Chrome Rod in India. We have been supplying our clients with high-quality products at reasonable pricing in your market space. we have been a pioneer in providing superior quality products at competitive prices and with excellent customer satisfaction.

Kamal Shaft Pvt Ltd started operation in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India in 2014. Our primary goal is to provide quality products at the most affordable prices to our customers. Kamal Shaft Pvt Ltd is committed to offering excellent services at competitive prices by using the latest production technology and the latest equipment that helps us to save costs without compromising quality or service delivery.

We provide a wide range of products like Hard Chrome Plated Rod, Hard Chrome Rod, hard-chrom-plated-shaft, hard-chrom-plated-shaft, hard-chrom-plades-bar, Hydraulic Piston Rod products, Honed Tubes, Honed Pipes, Induction Harden Rod and many more. We manufacture and sell various sizes of hard chrome rods for a broad range of industries. Our products are highly recognized for their high quality, sharpness, and durability.

We are the best Hard Chrome Rod manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters. With a varied product range to suit your needs, we provide high-quality products at reasonable costs. Our products are manufactured in accordance with requirements. Our entire Hard Chrome Rod range is procured from the country's best manufacturers and verified before being dispatched to our customers.

Customers ’ satisfaction

At Kamal Shaft Pvt Ltd, we believe that customer satisfaction is our primary goal. We have 4563 customers across India. We want to make sure that every customer is happy with their purchase. Whether it be a home renovation or something as simple as a sink plumber, we are here for you.

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We have been serving our clients with supreme quality products and well-designed services. We are committed to providing the best product quality and services in the industry. We continually upgrade our procedures to keep up with the latest advances.

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